Welcome to My Blog

My name is Tony and this is my website. I am an aspiring journalist and graphic designer and this blog is where I get to lay out everything that I have to offer. I enjoy quirky and out-of-the-ordinary things in life. I’m a child at heart so that should tell you a lot about my interests — kinetic-type toys, blockbuster hits, the possible future I can shape for myself, etc.

On here you’ll find my blog, online portfolio and projects that I work on. Feel free to have a look. I also enjoy feedback, constructive criticism and/or praise so visit my Contact Me page and send me a few words.


Blog:  In my blog you’ll find interesting reads. Some examples are DIY projects, movie reviews or opinion pieces. I also post updates on my design projects.

Portfolio: Since I am a freelance graphic designer I have made a section to showcase my work and examples of designs I have made for other people.

Icon Challenge: I have challenged myself to design one icon for everyday. My daily icons are uploaded to The Noun Project and on my Icons Challenge page.