Second-Guessing Myself

Have you ever suddenly stopped and re-evalted yourself? Like everything seems fine but then clutter begins to set in.

My boyfriend has this desk in our room, it’s by the entrance. Whenever we come home we empty out our pockets and dump everything on the desk. About every other weekend I clean our room and clear the desk of EVERYTHING that doesn’t belong on it. And in a couple hours it’s cluttered again.

That’s how I’ve been feeling about my blog. I think I’ve been doing too much in an unorganized way that I sort of feel all over the place — unfinished projects here, ideas that need more planning over there — I need to reorganize things. But I can’t just stop and fix things. I need to find a proper solution so that this fix won’t be like the desk.

So I’ve been thinking of what are some things I need to do. Here’s a chronicle list:

  1. Halt all content on blog and affiliated media (Instagram)
  2. Reconsider what the purpose of this blog is
  3. Prioritize projects
  4. Re-systemize blog menu
  5. Content control
  6. Relaunch site

Here’s what I’ll be working on for a couple days.

Inspiration for Stickers

A coworker of mine mentioned the other day that I should make stickers of some of my icons. Not all of my icons are sticker material but I think I can make some of them into cute stickers.

I’ve used OnlineLabels to print out some labels when I had an Etsy shop a year ago and they’re were super inexpensive. They also allowed me to purchase one sheet of labels for about a dollar and twenty-five cents, rather than having to buy in bulk.

But of course, being me, I’m thinking of the purpose these stickers would have since they would cost money to make. Is it worth it?

I took my favorite icon and added ‘’ to it so there’s a bit of marketing in it. Quick design. I think in the future I’ll work on better stickers but for the purpose of actually doing something now I’ll go with this.

The Other Kinds of Instagram Accounts

As much as I enjoy following friends and family on Instagram, I’d rather follow blog or theme accounts because the content has more quality.

I have two accounts, my personal account and my blog account.

On my personal account’s feed there’s a bunch of selfies, food with bad lighting and Facebook status screenshots with Instagram’s ‘Toaster’ filter. I can only see so many photos like that before I start unfollowing people. (Kidding, people can post whatever they want.)

But sometimes I want to see something interesting. By interesting I mean something that is nice to look at, or educational (DIY tips, etc.) or even updates on some’s progress (big projects or traveling adventures).

I’m gonna coin the term substantial scrolling, and it means that when you scroll down through your social media you’re seeing quality content that benefits you in one way or another.

Because, like I said, I love my friends and family, but seeing their photos of updates on their normal, every day lives can be boring. I can see that on Facebook.

Twitter is where I’m a bit more rebellious. I get my news from there for multiple things like government news, entertainment and some feel-good stories.

But because Instagram is photo-focused it gives leverage to a photojournalist take on things. Pictures are worth a thousand words, right? Imagine how much easier it is to show a picture of how to bind a book rather than just explaining it in words.

When I made my blog account on Instagram I decided I wasn’t really going to follow my friends and family. I wanted to follow accounts that offered something substantial. Or just accounts that entertain me.

I’m obsessed with those slime videos so I follow a few accounts about that. I enjoy close-up magic and card tricks so I followed some of those accounts. As a designer I’m always looking for inspiration so I found some design accounts for logos, illustrations, etc.

And to help me improve my drawing skills I followed a few accounts that show how to draw things, how to quickly sketch people, or this cool one where they crumble up paper and then use the shadows to draw faces.

Other kinds of accounts I follow are theme accounts. One of my favorite theme accounts is one dedicated to hidden Mickeys and Disneyland secrets. Another favorite is an account that posts real life murder mysteries, I enjoy the thrill.

I think everyone should follow accounts like these. There’s more meaning, I think, rather than just seeing your friends doing nothing actually interesting.

I have a friend who has two Twitter accounts. His second one is a funny account, Spamtire, that he uses anonymously. His second account is more entertaining. That’s an example for interesting Twitter accounts.

So I’ve been thinking of some cool theme accounts I could do just for fun. Another light side project.

Here’s a few ideas:

  • Food that fell on the floor (it’ll serve as a social commentary for how wasteful we are)
  • Any media in which a fish is portrayed (poster, sign, logo)
  • Typography photography (photos of nice typography I see out in the streets)
  • Graphic design photography (photos of great graphic design stuff I come across [no online stuff, all actual photos])
  • Street fashion (cool outfits people wear [don’t know about this one because I’m a little shy when it comes to talking to people on the streets])
  • Witchy theme (a favorite hobby/lifestyle I have is my interest in the occult so a blog dedicated to that might be fun)
  • An Instagram version similar to what The Onion does

So I’ll think about it and see what I can commit to. Obviously i need to have passion for whatever topic i choose. The purpose of a project like this is to be able to experiment with the opportunities the internet has to offer. In the end, the least you could gain would be learning something new.

Side Project Idea for Icons

As a designer, and a trying-to-be freelancer, I’m always telling people about my icon’s project. I like getting feedback from people who aren’t used to being friends with designers so that they compliment my work.

Anyway, a certain co-worker offered the idea that I make stickers out of my icons. I figured it’d be a fun thing to do. Why I’ve never thought about it is surprising.

I’m doing some internet surfing to see which website I could use to print them. I’m also looking into printing them as temporary tattoos.

Temporary tattoos are a favorite of mine and having my design as one would be amazing. They don’t seem to be very expensive to have them done so I’ll definitely be doing that.

So far these are the icons I’d use:

A Sick Person’s Remedies and Activities

I’m one of those people who gets sick really easily. Touching cold tile floor barefoot is one of them. Another, which happened two days ago, is sleeping with an AC on.

I have a sore throat in the early stages which means if I play my cards right I’ll be %100 tomorrow.

Obviously I’m no doctor but these are a few safe and easy things I do to help me get back on top of the weather. I do these in chronological order throughout the day.


  • Allow yourself to sleep-in and wake up when your body feels like it’s ready.
  • Throat-soothing tea: hot water, lemon juice, grate ginger root, add honey. Add sugar if you want it to be sweet.
  • Cold foods hurt my throat more so for breakfast I stick with cooked food instead of cereal.


  • Has to be a relaxed day but not a lazy day. Do an activity that will keep you busy but not tired.
  • I avoid watching screens for too long because it begins to hurt my eyes. I don’t know what the science behind it is but it’s true for me at least.
  • I think showering is optional (the cold floor can make me feel more sick) but at least change into clean clothes, whether it’s jeans or pajamas.


  • Time to start slowing things down again. Maybe watch some TV or read.
  • More tea!
  • Warm milk can help you get a good night rest.

Things to do ALL DAY

  • Eat oranges. A ton of oranges. At least one every hour. The vitamin c helps your immune system.
  • Try to not talk as much as possible. Let your throat rest.
  • Water! Lots of fluids. Hopefully you’ll pee out the sickness.

Like I said, I’m not a doctor. These are things I do when I’m early on in getting sick. I usually don’t go to the doctor because it cost a lot of money for them to tell me I have a sore throat and then prescribe some drugs.

But that’s just me, you can squeeze in a doctor’s visit somewhere in the morning.

An Itch for a Blogger and a Treat

I can call myself a blogger, right? Other than owning and running my own blog and being active on it every day, I really enjoy doing it. I enjoy putting my thoughts and interests into posts and allowing people to have an entertaining read.

A post or so ago I wrote about wanting to try and get freelance work so that I can make money on the side. I mentioned I’d use this blog as my online portfolio platform. Every post will be about showcasing my work.

Before I said that I wrote at least one blog post every day. After making that statement I didn’t write a post yesterday and almost missed today for not having content.

I keep my Icons page and my Instagram updated daily but other than that I don’t really create much content. And I feel like that’s going to make me keep missing days.

But the thing is, there’s a ton of things I want to write about. I have a list of topics and project ideas that’ll make great blog posts. So I’ve decided to instead dedicate a new page for my online portfolio. And then I’ll go back to blogging about my interests.

I consider myself a blogger because I have things to say and I enjoy putting them out into the world. So here’s me going back to being a blogger who posts about anything and everything about me.

Example of notification that’ll bring joy.

Having said that, I have amazing guinea pigs. Two of them: Ophelia and Cleopatra. They’re beautiful. I love them. So I watch Youtube videos of guinea pigs and I subscribed to an amazing account. I think everyone should subscribe to it because you’ll get notifications of their videos and they’ll bring you joy.


Upgrading My Icon Page

When I started working on my blog the number one thing people asked was, what’s it going to be about?

For a while I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted. All I knew was that I was going to be able write about anything I wanted.

Little by little I started coming up with ideas that’ll constantly give me content to write about.

And now I’m slowly making my content better. I added a photo to my About Me page. I added some color to My Icons Page.

This post is just a self-congratulating note.