DIY Projects Non-Scientists and Non-Witches

I’m currently in the shower and my extremely tolerating significant other is sitting on the toilet, pants on, typing out this blog entry because inspiration can come at any time.

But anyway, I think it’s safe to assume that at one point or another in our childhoods we wanted to be a crazy laboratory scientist. If you were on the fantastical side of fiction rather than science the equivalent would be potions. Concocting and laughing maniacally — as a mad scientist or an evil witch — as I mixed milk with flower petals or soap and some paint, gave me a rush of excitement.

The disappointment, however, was that I couldn’t really do anything with such a mixture. I tried using food so that I could eat it afterwards but as a 12 year old kid I didn’t have much knowledge on how ingredients went well together.

Fast forward a few years later and I discover what the cool moms called DIY; for you uncool moms that stands for do it yourself. These projects can give you a real rush.

There’s different kinds of DIY projects that I’ve seen — crafty stuff, cooking, skin care — and they all have different levels of difficulty but they’re all worth a shot.

DIY skin care projects became my way of still living out my laboratory scientist interest. Here are the ones I thought I’d share that are easy enough to try at home.

Quick disclosure, disclaimer, warning and anything else: I’m not a real mad scientist (nor a real witch) so if anything blows up or reacts oddly, I can’t be held accountable.

Face Scrub

A face scrub is a great way to exfoliate your skin from every day bad stuff that floats around in the air. It can help remove dead skin cells and certain ingredients offer added benefits. Mix the ingredients in a bowl, equal amounts, and gently rub on face and neck. Then rinse off. Ingredients:

  • Coconut oil – great skin moisturizer
  • Granulated sugar – brings the ‘scrub’ in face scrub
  • Lemon – helps skin glow
  • Honey – inti-inflammatory-ness can help with redness and acne
  • Mint essential oil – helps to feel fresh

Teeth Whitening

Here’s an easy way to help remove some coffee or soda stains from teeth. Mix a small amount of baking soda and freshly squeezed lemon juice together. Using a cotton swab, apply the concoction to surface of teeth and let sit for a couple minutes.

Don’t close your mouth with the stuff on your teeth. And be sure not to leave it on for too long because the acid from the lemon can begin to remove tooth enamel. Rinse thoroughly and then brush.

Once or twice a week of this should do the trick.

Lip Balm

This one is my absolute favorite DIY because it’s easy, fun and you can get creative.


Beeswax – can be ordered online or purchased at craft stores.

coconut oil or Shea butter

Essential oils – optional for added benefits

Beeswax bar I ordered from

Melt the beeswax and coconut oil or Shea butter together. Stir occasionally.

Add essential oils for flavor and teeny tiny chunks of lipstick for color.

Pour the melted lip balm in any small container — Altoids tin, empty lip balm tubes, a locket, a bottle cap that can be kept in a plastic baggie — anything that can hold melted wax enough for it to cool down and then carry it around.

Advisory: with more ingredients you add the texture can change so experiment and see what works best. Rule of thumb: if the lip balm is firmer than you want, add more coconut oil or she’s butter; if it’s to oily or soft, add beeswax.

To end

Have fun with these. Try them with friends. Or if your shy, do them alone. Maybe you’re a mom becoming cool, try it with your kids. Give them a shot.

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