3 Things To Do to Make Me an Adult

All my life I’ve been the same kind of person — a prisoner of routine. I’m not sure if it’s because I don’t like to give much thought to the mundane chores of every day life but it’s definitely become a problem.

Lately I’ve been in a depressive mood and I think it’s because I let my life become very passive. The simplest things used to excite me. Now, I can’t enjoy just anything like when I was younger.

Is this what growing up feels like? I think so.

I have decided it’s time to actively change up my life. Here are the changes I plan to introduce into my life to help kickstart my adulthood-ness:

First, Start Drinking Coffee

Coffee has two things going against me: it’s a laxative for me and it doesn’t give me that energy that people says it offers. But every one— friends, family, coworkers, college students in real life and in movies — swear by the elixir.

I’ve come to the realization that in order to be a better contributor to society I will need to start drinking coffee as if my adult life depended on it. Lucky for me I have access to a Keurig machine so it won’t be such an imposition to make a cup every morning.

Second, Getting Up at 6:30 In the Morning

I put ‘Getting Up’ instead of ‘Waking Up’ because I already wake up at six in the morning but I lay there for 45 minutes stretching and going through my phone. It doesn’t get me ready for the day but it helps me wake up. I think it’d be best to actually get up and do something productive.

Alternative things that can help me get ready for the day are listed:

  • feeding my pets (guinea pigs and turtle)
  • extreme stretches, yoga
  • breakfast, coffee!
  • Bible study, tarot card reading for the day

Third, Balancing a Checkbook

It’s been said time after time again: high school teaches us the Pythagorean theorem but doesn’t teach us something actually useful in every day life, such as balancing a checkbook.

I’m going to be upfront about it, I don’t actually know what that means —  thanks, high school diploma — but I’m sure it has to do with keeping finances in order.

Money has been tight so I’ve decided to do a version of that: I’ll be taking note of every dollar I spend that isn’t spent on my bills. This will hopefully show me where I need to start allocating my money. And by that I mean where I have to stop spending money.

In Conclusion

Another applause for my high school diploma for teaching me to end my writing assignments with ‘In conclusion,’ because that’s the way professionals do it.

But hopefully adding these three things to my life will help improve my state of mind, mood and maturity. I’ll post an update in a week or so about what how things are going.

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