Ambiguous and Intriguing

I most definitely have not come up with my blog’s purpose. At least not as a whole. The little gears that make it work I have all figured out — well not all. But I figured a common theme. I think I can call it a common theme. Interests and inspirations. I can’t define that but that’s what I’ve chosen.

I’ll write about anything that interests and/or inspires me. It’ll be like a Pinterest and Tumblr account rolled into one. I’m really gonna have to use the categories feature that WordPress offers to organize everything because I’m thinking it’s gonna get crazy.

Maybe I’ll jot down my 10-step plan to bettering my life. Live-blog a recipe I’m trying out. I could try posting a little video of a design I’m working on. Sketch out a comic of something funny I experienced. Write an article on why dinosaurs are literally the greatest thing to have ever existed.

I know when I first decided to start blogging I wanted my content to be about things you can go your day without knowing but it somehow improving your day if you did read it. To whatever extent that could be. Maybe I explained a new to tie your shoe. Or maybe I wrote a short history lesson that doesn’t effect anyone today but makes a great talking point.

I don’t just want to be a writer. I don’t consider myself just an artist or a graphic designer. I think there’s too many things I want to learn about and do that finding one word to describe it is difficult. The same goes for my topic for my blog.

The name Penny Press was meant to be ambiguous but intriguing. So these are the few words I’ve decided to use to describe my blog and it’s content— interests, inspirations, ambiguous, intriguing, novelty and arts.

That’s it. And if there’s someone out there actually reading, hope you enjoy.

P. S. I’ll be posting my content on the blogging site Medium, just to spread my stuff. I’ll see how that goes.

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