Second-Guessing Myself

Have you ever suddenly stopped and re-evalted yourself? Like everything seems fine but then clutter begins to set in.

My boyfriend has this desk in our room, it’s by the entrance. Whenever we come home we empty out our pockets and dump everything on the desk. About every other weekend I clean our room and clear the desk of EVERYTHING that doesn’t belong on it. And in a couple hours it’s cluttered again.

That’s how I’ve been feeling about my blog. I think I’ve been doing too much in an unorganized way that I sort of feel all over the place — unfinished projects here, ideas that need more planning over there — I need to reorganize things. But I can’t just stop and fix things. I need to find a proper solution so that this fix won’t be like the desk.

So I’ve been thinking of what are some things I need to do. Here’s a chronicle list:

  1. Halt all content on blog and affiliated media (Instagram)
  2. Reconsider what the purpose of this blog is
  3. Prioritize projects
  4. Re-systemize blog menu
  5. Content control
  6. Relaunch site

Here’s what I’ll be working on for a couple days.

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