The Other Kinds of Instagram Accounts

As much as I enjoy following friends and family on Instagram, I’d rather follow blog or theme accounts because the content has more quality.

I have two accounts, my personal account and my blog account.

On my personal account’s feed there’s a bunch of selfies, food with bad lighting and Facebook status screenshots with Instagram’s ‘Toaster’ filter. I can only see so many photos like that before I start unfollowing people. (Kidding, people can post whatever they want.)

But sometimes I want to see something interesting. By interesting I mean something that is nice to look at, or educational (DIY tips, etc.) or even updates on some’s progress (big projects or traveling adventures).

I’m gonna coin the term substantial scrolling, and it means that when you scroll down through your social media you’re seeing quality content that benefits you in one way or another.

Because, like I said, I love my friends and family, but seeing their photos of updates on their normal, every day lives can be boring. I can see that on Facebook.

Twitter is where I’m a bit more rebellious. I get my news from there for multiple things like government news, entertainment and some feel-good stories.

But because Instagram is photo-focused it gives leverage to a photojournalist take on things. Pictures are worth a thousand words, right? Imagine how much easier it is to show a picture of how to bind a book rather than just explaining it in words.

When I made my blog account on Instagram I decided I wasn’t really going to follow my friends and family. I wanted to follow accounts that offered something substantial. Or just accounts that entertain me.

I’m obsessed with those slime videos so I follow a few accounts about that. I enjoy close-up magic and card tricks so I followed some of those accounts. As a designer I’m always looking for inspiration so I found some design accounts for logos, illustrations, etc.

And to help me improve my drawing skills I followed a few accounts that show how to draw things, how to quickly sketch people, or this cool one where they crumble up paper and then use the shadows to draw faces.

Other kinds of accounts I follow are theme accounts. One of my favorite theme accounts is one dedicated to hidden Mickeys and Disneyland secrets. Another favorite is an account that posts real life murder mysteries, I enjoy the thrill.

I think everyone should follow accounts like these. There’s more meaning, I think, rather than just seeing your friends doing nothing actually interesting.

I have a friend who has two Twitter accounts. His second one is a funny account, Spamtire, that he uses anonymously. His second account is more entertaining. That’s an example for interesting Twitter accounts.

So I’ve been thinking of some cool theme accounts I could do just for fun. Another light side project.

Here’s a few ideas:

  • Food that fell on the floor (it’ll serve as a social commentary for how wasteful we are)
  • Any media in which a fish is portrayed (poster, sign, logo)
  • Typography photography (photos of nice typography I see out in the streets)
  • Graphic design photography (photos of great graphic design stuff I come across [no online stuff, all actual photos])
  • Street fashion (cool outfits people wear [don’t know about this one because I’m a little shy when it comes to talking to people on the streets])
  • Witchy theme (a favorite hobby/lifestyle I have is my interest in the occult so a blog dedicated to that might be fun)
  • An Instagram version similar to what The Onion does

So I’ll think about it and see what I can commit to. Obviously i need to have passion for whatever topic i choose. The purpose of a project like this is to be able to experiment with the opportunities the internet has to offer. In the end, the least you could gain would be learning something new.

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