A Sick Person’s Remedies and Activities

I’m one of those people who gets sick really easily. Touching cold tile floor barefoot is one of them. Another, which happened two days ago, is sleeping with an AC on.

I have a sore throat in the early stages which means if I play my cards right I’ll be %100 tomorrow.

Obviously I’m no doctor but these are a few safe and easy things I do to help me get back on top of the weather. I do these in chronological order throughout the day.


  • Allow yourself to sleep-in and wake up when your body feels like it’s ready.
  • Throat-soothing tea: hot water, lemon juice, grate ginger root, add honey. Add sugar if you want it to be sweet.
  • Cold foods hurt my throat more so for breakfast I stick with cooked food instead of cereal.


  • Has to be a relaxed day but not a lazy day. Do an activity that will keep you busy but not tired.
  • I avoid watching screens for too long because it begins to hurt my eyes. I don’t know what the science behind it is but it’s true for me at least.
  • I think showering is optional (the cold floor can make me feel more sick) but at least change into clean clothes, whether it’s jeans or pajamas.


  • Time to start slowing things down again. Maybe watch some TV or read.
  • More tea!
  • Warm milk can help you get a good night rest.

Things to do ALL DAY

  • Eat oranges. A ton of oranges. At least one every hour. The vitamin c helps your immune system.
  • Try to not talk as much as possible. Let your throat rest.
  • Water! Lots of fluids. Hopefully you’ll pee out the sickness.

Like I said, I’m not a doctor. These are things I do when I’m early on in getting sick. I usually don’t go to the doctor because it cost a lot of money for them to tell me I have a sore throat and then prescribe some drugs.

But that’s just me, you can squeeze in a doctor’s visit somewhere in the morning.

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