Here’s why ‘A Quiet Place’ is a must-see this weekend (A Review)

The sci-fi film takes the age-old theme of aliens and successfully puts a spin on it executed by an amazing cast.

With a budget of $17 million, the low-budget blockbuster’s visual effects and production are seamless with the amazing acting of the cast.

Jon Krasinski directed and co-wrote the film with Bryan Woods and Scott Beck.This film is Krasinski’s first suspense-thriller in his filmography.

He also starred as the lead male character alongside his wife, Emily Blunt, making them a Hollywood power couple.

‘A Quiet Place’ follows a family of four living in silence in order to survive the mysterious blind creatures that hunt them by sound.

Evelyn (Blunt) and Lee (Krasinski) Abbott are living in the year 2021 with their deaf daughter, Regan (Millicent Simmonds) and Marcus (Noah Jupe) Abbott in their farmhouse that’s rigged so they make the least amount of noise.

An example of their lifestyle is how they communicate through sign language — even though the parents and brother can hear — and in their home there’s paint on the floorboards indicating where it’s best for them to step so the floor won’t creak.

After getting separated, the family has to quietly overcome tremendous pain and fear in order to stay alive and return to each other.

The film incorporates its theme of silence with the traditional element of jump scares more effectively than most movies of the same genre.

An effective jump scare is unpredictable. Most films fail to do this because the incidental music will rise to raise the suspense then stop completely, warning the audience that a jump scare is about to happen.

Since majority of the scenes are quiet the jump scares serve as a surprising reward.

Although the acting was great from the entire cast of five, Blunt not only proved she’s underrated in the industry but also that she’s a force to be reckoned with.

Blunt plays a pregnant mother going through the pains of labor and more — not being able to disturb the silence — while the mysterious creatures are in her home.

Without making a sound, Blunt makes the audience feel what she’s feeling, giving the viewer very real anxiety.

The character’s strength and love for her children mirrors the same characteristics Blunt will have to portray in the upcoming film, “Mary Poppins Returns” (Christmas day 2018), where she’ll play the beloved Mary Poppins.

The drastic differences in the portrayal of the characteristics will display Blunt’s acting range and diversity.

Another notable mention is Simmonds. Deaf since infancy, her character’s same disability is important to the plot.

In today’s social and economic climate and fight for representation, we see non-normative characters — and sometimes actors — used as comedic relief with no real importance to the plot, as an attempt at representation.

For a more serious genre that doesn’t have a comedic relief character, token characters are used where anyone could play the character no matter what they have going on while the lead characters are always beautiful, able and — unless the rest of the cast is black — white.

Regan’s deafness is key to the resolution of the story. Casting an actual deaf actor made this film two steps in the right direction.

The movie is a 5/5 for production, acting and Emily Blunt.

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