An Itch for a Blogger and a Treat

I can call myself a blogger, right? Other than owning and running my own blog and being active on it every day, I really enjoy doing it. I enjoy putting my thoughts and interests into posts and allowing people to have an entertaining read.

A post or so ago I wrote about wanting to try and get freelance work so that I can make money on the side. I mentioned I’d use this blog as my online portfolio platform. Every post will be about showcasing my work.

Before I said that I wrote at least one blog post every day. After making that statement I didn’t write a post yesterday and almost missed today for not having content.

I keep my Icons page and my Instagram updated daily but other than that I don’t really create much content. And I feel like that’s going to make me keep missing days.

But the thing is, there’s a ton of things I want to write about. I have a list of topics and project ideas that’ll make great blog posts. So I’ve decided to instead dedicate a new page for my online portfolio. And then I’ll go back to blogging about my interests.

I consider myself a blogger because I have things to say and I enjoy putting them out into the world. So here’s me going back to being a blogger who posts about anything and everything about me.

Example of notification that’ll bring joy.

Having said that, I have amazing guinea pigs. Two of them: Ophelia and Cleopatra. They’re beautiful. I love them. So I watch Youtube videos of guinea pigs and I subscribed to an amazing account. I think everyone should subscribe to it because you’ll get notifications of their videos and they’ll bring you joy.


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