DIY Egg Tempera Paint

Yesterday I had the grand idea to try and make my own paint.

I love watercolors. It’s my go-to medium for anything involving color. I love my palettes and my brushes and the badly drawn sketches I’ve done with them.

So I thought, why not try and make my own paint.

Before I completed the thought in my head I was already doing research. I reread a watercolor guide book I have and googled a ton of DIY recipes.

The most common recipe included corn starch, corn syrup and food coloring.

Because I’m too full of myself as an artist I refuse to use food coloring in any of my projects.

I looked up other alternatives but other recipes got more expensive. So then I started thinking outside the box.

While rereading the book I own it had a brief explanation about egg tempera being very popular. I read about it and boy did it seem simple enough to make. All you need is egg yolk and something to use as a pigment.

The best part about egg tempera paint is that the pigment can be made of anything that can be grounded into fine powder.

I have fancy chalk from my years at the art school. It’s very saturated and there’s 24 colors in one pack, I have two.

After a bit of trial-and-error trying to get the right consistency I managed to make the paint pasty. I put the paste-paint in a container (San Pelegrino bottle cap) and let it settle over night.

This morning I activated the dried paint with water like I do with my watercolor paint palettes and it worked perfectly fine.

Tonight I will begin making my own paint. I bought little containers from Michael’s to put the paint in and I’ll just make the primary colors just to get started.

20180327_180832000_iOS 1

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