Zoo Trip: Back to Basics

Artboard 1
Tony Flores, writer of Penny Press blog, made this on Adobe Illustrator. It represents the main points of the story he is working on.

This morning I was working on the script and realized I was stuck on the story. Thinking about the details, like dialogue and scene progression, while coming up with the overall story is difficult. So I decided to bring it back to basics.

I mapped out this little chart and I will be filling in the slots as I think about the story. After I’m done with this then I can start writing the actual script. Below is what I have so far.

1. Exposition

They’re at the entrance of the zoo, they by tickets and go in. They stop at the camera people to take a photo then go into the bathroom by the souvenir stores to do the smoking deed.

2. Rise in Action

2.a They go to the souvenir store. They steal gifts for Olly without Olly knowing. Dasha begins to feel the effects of smoking. Employees call security and they run before security can get to the store.

2.a.1 (in-between action) They run away and slow down because they all feel the effect of smoking. They take their time going through the exhibits, even the ones that are empty.

2.b Lunch time. Cut!

That is all I have for now. Lunch time is going to be another interesting tidbit with the security guards but I’m still not sure what’s going to happen. I’ll write a post about the characters giving them some kind of description just to get a feel for them and their place in the story.

But for now that’s it. WriterDuet will have to wait.

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