Things I Have to Carry in My Bag

I’m gonna start this post by giving myself a high-five. It took an hour to come up with a nice set-up for the photo I took. It doesn’t look the best but I like it.

Anyway, as mentioned in this bag-appreciation post, here is what I carry in my bag. Most of it is based on my hobby (blogging) and career (journalism), others are based on looking cool and tuning people out.

Items I always carry. Clockwise starting from the left: traveler’s notebook, sunglasses, bag, iPad, earphones. Not included in photo: pencil, Apple Pencil and Fujifilm digital camera.

My bag is super important to me because the objects it carries are what help me do the thing I love to do — create some kind of content that brings me excitement. Everyone’s bag should do the same even if the objects aren’t the same.

Someone who knits probably carries yarn and needles. An artist most likely has sketching tools and those grey erasers that you can mold. A mom can be prepared with snacks and medicine for her kids.

Bags are important because we get to fill them with things that matter to us.

My idea of a perfect packed bag for casual days are things I can use to research, plan and create no matter where I am. Those are important since I’m always having ideas about things I want to do. And THAT’S important because ideas allow me to have content for my blog.

Main Items I Carry

So the main items I carry are things that help me create and work on things while on the road.

Here’s my bag, my iPad and Apple Pencil, which goes great with the tablet.
  • Traveler’s notebook with pencil (for putting research in and planning the production steps of a project)
  • iPad and Apple Pencil (this is my connection to the web for research and helps create digital media)
  • Fujifilm digital camera (for taking photos, of course)

Other small items I carry include mints, lip balm, sunglasses, earphones and I try to remember to pack a snack. I don’t really go anywhere with some kind of bag or backpack with me. Even if I’m at school and I’m heading to the bathroom that’s down the hall (the reason is because if something bad were to happen and I can’t get to my bag I’d be devastated). It’s also gives me the feeling of being prepared for the world and career I’m trying to get into. That’s my few bits.

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