Watercolor, but as a Verb.

There’s something sort of romantic about painting with watercolors. You have to be okay with mistakes and not always being in control.

The mere list of things needed for a watercolor painting can make some artist turn away from it.

You’ll need paper that can absorb water well to paint on, watercolor paint with mixing tray, cup of water, brushes, paper towels or a rag and patience.

But it’s also scientific. You’ll need some understanding of color theory and also layering transparent colors.

It can be quite intimidating when first attempting to watercolor. The paint can easily muddle up and look like a wet, grey blob.

Like any other form of art it can take real time and dedication to truly master watercolors.

But then again, the child-like nature of watercolor makes it fun and silly.

I feel like art can easily become pretentious like the paintings in European cathedrals or the white squiggly lines on a white canvas paintings hanging in someone’s minimalist living room.

Watercolor’s versatility makes it great for artists whether they’re in a studio or people watching at the park.

I’ve used watercolors as my go-to medium for studying color or shading, for quick artistic expressions and for something that is going to be hung on a wall. Anyone can use it for anything.


I started watercolor painting a couple years ago but then stopped around this time last year. I was starting to pick it up but after stopping and now that I’m continuing I have to practice again.

I’m thinking of posting updates so I can see my progress archived forever online. Hopefully it’ll inspire someone.

But here’s some advice for myself:

Figures can look silly. Blushing spots on faces make them look more interesting. You struggle with this pain-staking art because you love it. And watercolor is not a verb.

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